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Recent Spanish Cinema 2020 is co-presented by EGEDA US, the American Cinematheque, ICAA, and Olympia Theater,at Drive-In at the FAIR! This year, the Los Angeles and Miami Spanish Film series join forces to co-host and present a combined special edition of Recent Spanish Cinema that is both a LOG-IN and DRIVE-IN event, tailored to fit the pandemic situation. We are excited to present in Miami: ONE CAREFUL OWNER - (EL INCOVENIENTE) ONE CAREFUL OWNER - (EL INCOVENIENTE) - U.S. Premiere! Showing time: October 29th 2020 at 7:30 PM Running time:94 minutes Director: Bernabé Rico Cast: JuanaAcosta, Kiti Mánver, Jose Sacristán, Daniel Grao Screenwriter: Bernabé Rico, Juan Carlos Rubio Producer: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo Language: Spanish with English subtitles This heartwarming tale of intergenerational friendship follows Sara (Juana Acosta), who has the opportunity to buy the perfect house: spacious, very bright and extremely cheap. It only has one small drawback: Lola (Kiti Mánver), the current owner of the house, is an octogenarian who wants to live in it until she dies. Still, Sara thinks it's a good deal and decides to buy and wait. As so many things in life, things don’t turn out exactly as expected and the two women will form an unlikely relationship filled with emotion and lots of laughs. This sparkling debut from Bernabé Rico won four prizes at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival including the Audience Award.

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October 29 2020 | 7:30 PM

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